Text 18 Aug My new pink dildo

I already have 5 different dildos at home, but that one I really needed to buy when I saw it. Its a 10 inch long pink suction cup dildo and its absolutly fantastic. Its soft and pink! I dont know why, but that dildo is so cute. I love to kiss and suck on it.

I am wondering how many of you would love to see me deepthroating and gagging on it. If you want me to deepthroat it and take a picture all you have to do is to leave a short comment. Just tell me that you would love me to deepthroat it.

Text 17 Aug Still in chastity.

Hadnt have the chance to update my blog, but to let you all know. I am still locked up in chastity and its getting worse with every hour. I am starting to relly get desperate, cannot think streight anymore. Everytime I see a woman I get hard inside my belt and the morning wood is really painful. Also I am constantly riding my dildo for the last few days, it gives me a little relief but it only last a few minutes and then I am back where I was before.

Text 10 Aug My best friend the dildo

I know it may sound strange, but I do have a nice big black dildo at home. I rarely use it, most often its laying in the drawer for weeks, but when ever I am in chastity that dildo becomes my best friend. Sometimes it only takes a few days till I get that dildo and start enjoying it and as soon as I am starting to I cannot get my finger off that thing anymore. Sometimes I ride the dildo 2-3 times a days, it gives me a lot pleasure but its not that same kind of pleasure I get from cumming. So as long as I feel that dildo sliding in and out I feel some kind of relief but as soon as I stop I am back to where I was. Horny and desperate. I do cum a lot while playing with my dildo. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes till cum is dripping out of my chastity belt. There is no orgasm and often my cock isnt even hard. Its an humiliating act but I so love it and right now the dildo rarely gets back into its drawer.

Text 8 Aug Starting to get desperate

Its a few days since I am wearing that cage and I already notice myself getting desperate. Its summer and all those women wearing short dresses and walking around with open shoes make that situation even worse and then when you sit in the train and getting aroused, your stiff cock pressing against the inside of the cage, that pain… its just so wonderful and humiliating at the same time. Sometimes I wish a woman would notice whats going on under my pants, mocking me and laughing. Teasing me without mercy and then taking pictures and blackmails me with them.

Yesterday I dreamed that a group of girls would notice me in the train, forcing me to show them the belt and then they would attach superglue on the cage, making it impossible to ever remove that device again. Laughing about me and enjoying that I am from now on permanently locked up in that cage.

Sometimes I wish that dream would come true…

Text 8 Aug 1 note The beginning

Many of you may wonder how everything started. Well its a long story. A few years ago I found a webpage about chastity devices for men. At first I laughted, thought about how crazy that idea is and left the side, but while the days passed I started to dream about it. I tried to imagine how it must feel to be locked up in such a device, how a woman would force me to put it on and laugh about me. Those dream never went away and a few weeks later I decided to give it a go and bought one of those device. It was a nice plastic chastity cage from a brand most of you guys know.

It didnt take long and my cock was locked up, I looked into the mirror, saw myself naked only wearing that device and got worked up really hard. I felt the pain the cage causes me while I am getting stiff inside. A very nice feeling, humiliating but also arousing at the same time. The first night was horrible, I couldnt sleep at all and the morning wood was painful, but I loved the feeling, the humiliation it gave me. So I decided to hand over the keys to a good friend. Two weeks where the first duration I was locked up, two very long weeks I have to admit, two painful weeks, especially in the morning, but I loved those 2 weeks.

Now years later, I have a nice collection of 7 different models. Mostly steel ones and I do love most of them. I have two favorite types of cages I wear all the time, still hoping to buy myself a full steel belt one day. Hopefully that dream will come true this year. Well what should I tell I am addicted to chastity now. I cannot live without it anymore, yes its still a pain to wear it, to be kept desperate and frustrated, unable to masturbate, but thats excatly what makes it so wonderful for me and the humiliation it gives me knowing that another person decides when I will be able to masturbate again.

So I hope you will enjoy reading about me and my time in chastity within the next few weeks, months or even longer.

Photo 7 Aug 166 notes me wearing a chastity cage

me wearing a chastity cage

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